The Problem:

This project was inspired by user testing of the Netatmo Weather Station which gathers information on temperature, humidity and noise in one’s home through detailed graphs, but does not provide context for the information and how it is useful for what kinds of users.

  Natemo  Weather Station

Natemo Weather Station

We researched the similar air quality monitoring modules on the market offered by IoT companies such as Quirky’s Spotter. These modules are designed for a very general audience. We feel one of the failings of IoT products is the target audience being too general and that a specific target audience could result in a product that is more useful to users in the long term.

The User Research:

Our target user group is elderly people who suffer asthma condition with invisible air conditions which affects asthma attacks due to their high death rate.

The Findings by Our Customer Interview:

  • The death by asthma attacks can be prevented by using an inhaler, but people do not carry them all the time as it barely happens and they never sure when it will happen.
  • The asthma attack is caused by humidity, and air quality.
  • The alarming levels of humidity and air quality depend on individuals.
  • The 

Our Solutions:

  1. Create user-friendly air quality monitoring products and alarming system
  2. Create a user interface that displays their outside and inside air conditions
  3. Create a user interface that instruct correctly what to do when it alarms
  4. Create the mechanism that notices to their family and friends
  5. Create the AI mechanism that remembers in what air quality levels the user experiences an asthma attack
 The sensors' test

The sensors' test